SIMAH Credit Report

SIMAH has designed a unique credit report for you, containing detailed information about your credit transactions with credit providers (SIMAH’s members). It keeps you up-to-date with any historical & existing credit. You can also utilize your report to review all your financial obligations at any time.



  • - The credit report contains detailed information on any credit product such as Personal Loan, Financial Vehicles or Telecom services.

    - The Credit Report helps you in financial planning.

    - The credit report gives you the authority to view your credit information with credit providers to be aware of any update.

    - You can utilize your credit report to be aware of the guaranteed default credit products if any.

    - The Credit Report is a confidential & reliable tool to access your historical & existing credit information at any time.

  • SIMAH Packages

SIMAH offers you a set of extraordinary packages that grant you additional benefits. SIMAH designed these packages to meet your needs and to help you in your financial planning.