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Commercial Report

The Commercial Credit Report, tailored to the business sector (with the exception of the banking sector), details companies’ existing financial and credit commitment, such as total credit limit, total liabilities and current balance in default.

Commercial credit report

  • First Time Free
  • Chargeable of SR 300
  • Indicate demographic information, activity, legal type, addressees & contacts
  • Display LEI no if any
  • Summary of funded and non-funded facilities
  • Delinquencies summary
  • Defaults summary
  • Bounced cheque information
  • Latest enquiries
  • Enforcement court decisions
  • Members’ narratives (notes of members on entity)
  • Narratives (entity notes)


  • Get entities familiar of their credit position
  • Engagement of credit report would assist credit status & payment behavior
  • Enhance their credentials & financing eligibility
  • Raise dispute in case of any issue
  • Pre-application exercise to strengthen entities status before applying on facilities

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