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Benefits of membership

SIMAH Membership We, in SIMAH, are keen as to the confidentiality of credit information of all parties. Therefore, having access and exchanging these information require the existence of membership based on conditions and agreements in order to insure that the confidentiality of information is guaranteed. Once you are a SIMAH member, you will be able to use all of our distinguished products and services in the field of credit information.


When you are a SIMAH member, you will be able to:

  • Know the financial solvency of your customers and taking sound decisions in reliance on accurate and updated credit information.
  • Evaluate the risks very well, thereby reducing risks of non-payment.
  • Know the payment behaviors of your customers, based on the timeframes.
  • Diversify financing products according to credit behaviors. What are the entities permitted to join SIMAH membership? All financing and credit institutions, whether in the public or private sector, may join SIMAH, but individuals are not permitted to join SIMAH membership.

Membership Criteria

There are some specifications required by SIMAH that new members need to fulfill in order to acquire the full membership. These specifications represent basic requirements that companies should apply, whether at the level of day to day operations, or in developing the information technology used in this regard.

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