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Credit Principles

Neutrality: The credit report is an informative credit record and SIMAH shall not interfere in any of its members’ decisions, whether positive or negative.

Equality: As an integral part of its culture, SIMAH is committed to treat all consumers fairly in every stage of the relationship between them.

Disclosure & Transparency:

  • A member of SIMAH is committed to make sure that any disclosure of information is complying with the Credit Information Law (CIL) , its Implementing Regulation (IR), any other banking regulations and bylaws issued by the Saudi Central Bank(SAMA).
  • A member of SIMAH is committed not to disclose any information received from SIMAH except for what CIL, its IR , any other banking regulations and bylaws issued by SAMA allowed to be disclosed.
  • A member of SIMAH is committed to take all necessary precautions to verify that the information provided to SIMAH (including updates) is accurate, correct, and valid until the next update cycle in the same manner approved by SIMAH without any prejudice to the generality of confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement between the member and the consumer.


Credit Culture & Awareness: SIMAH shall develop appropriate programs and mechanisms to enhance skills and knowledge of the current and potential consumers to raise their credit awareness , understand credit risks and help them taking right effective and thoughtful decisions.

Credit Behaviors: SIMAH is committed to apply all professional requirements to persevere consumer rights throughout the entire relationship.

Protection: SIMAH shall take the highest level of care to protect the credit information, maintain and update it in accordance with periods stipulated in IR.

Complaints: SIMAH is obliged to establish a department to deal with consumers’ complaints and disputes, along with producing a dispute procedural manual and to publish it.

Confidentiality: SIMAH and its Members shall maintain confidentiality of information and data in their possession and limit its usage and reciprocation among each other on the purposes stipulated by the CIL and IR. They both shall be held totally liable for any violations to CIL and IR by their employees.