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Member Obligations

The member shall:

  • Obtain the consumer's consent upon enquiring about his/her credit report and obtain his/her consent for providing SIMAH with his/her credit information.
  • Not provide SIMAH with any information about the consumer if it knows that such information contains errors or sufficiently believes that such information may contain incorrect data.
  • Not furnish SIMAH with any false information about the consumer after it receives a notification to that effect from the consumer.
  • Periodically update the consumer's credit information.
  • Provide SIMAH , in all circumstances, with correct and complete credit information about the consumer.
  • Use the consumer's information received from the SIMAH for lawful purposes.
  • Inform SIMAH immediately about any closed credit accounts based on the consumer's request.
  • Not divulge/disclose any information received from SIMAH about the consumer.
  • Develop records including the names and addresses of credit bureaus transacted with as well as the information provided to such bureaus.
  • Not have the right to provide SIMAH with information on the consumer without notifying them that such information are under dispute or subject to complaint (if the consumer's information contains a dispute or complaint).
  • Verify the consumer’s information and correct or delete any contained errors.
  • The member who is committed by a membership agreement with SIMAH may not deny provision of credit information required by SIMAH or delay the provision of such information to SIMAH according to the defined schedules and agreed frequency stipulated in the membership agreements.
  • Not have the right to re-include any negative information that has been deleted or modified in the consumer’s credit report without a resolution by The Committee.
  • Inform the consumer in written notification about any negative information it will send to SIMAH clearly and explicitly.
  • Notify the consumer with the negative information in case the member has taken a negative decision toward the consumer for a cause that is partially or entirely due to any information included in his/her credit report.