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Frequently Asked Questions

SIMAH Business Credit Report is a report on payment history related to credit agreements in the name of a business. It will indicate if a business makes regular payments to debtors. Defaults and decisions of the court of execution against that business is also recorded.

A business credit report provides the following information on a business:

  • Demographics
  • Registered Address
  • Credit Summary
  • Delinquency Summary
  • Default Summary
  • Bounced Cheque summary
  • Previous Enquiries
  • Execution Judgment
  • Member Narrative
  • Company Narrative
  • Public Notices & Disclaimer

Accuracy of the profile: Ensure the data shown in the business credit report is accurate and up-to-date. Information seen by the lenders will decide the level and value of credit which will be offered to the business —even minor errors in the business profile can make it more difficult for businesses to qualify for a loan.

Make Prompt Payments: The promptness with which a company pays its bills is one of the driving factors that impact business credit ratings. For maximum impact, pay invoices ahead of the due date. The greater the number of days a company pays sooner than terms the greater the impact it will have on its business credit scores.

Not applying for new business credit cards or loans too frequently resulting in numerous credit enquiries, which will look bad on the report.

Keeping personal and business accounts separate - Using a separate credit account for your business and personal expenses is great for a number of reasons and can help build business credit and developing a credit history with manageable debt is healthy.

If you are a business owner in KSA and wish to generate your businesses credit report then as per the credit information law regulations you can generate the report by registering online on the SIMAH website

An official, certified credit certificate, the Certificate is issued to members of the business sector to show their total credit exposure to banking and non-banking sectors. This Certificate is used as a requisite to securing a government project or competing in a tender bid.

Business owners in KSA can generate their Certificate of Credit Record Soundness by registering and paying on the SIMAH website To generate Certificate of Credit Record Soundness click here:

You can raise a business dispute by visiting the below link:

Contact: to become a SIMAH member – you will require the following documents to become a member:

  • Membership Requesting Letter
  • Valid CR copy
  • Member’s Contact Information
  • Membership proposal
  • Other documents
  • Article of Association (AOA) is required whenever a company and its multiple subsidiaries are requesting one membership agreement

SIMAH vast repository of credit information arguments and benefits the credit underwriting and portfolio management efforts. Members have access to consumer and company Credit Information Reports, Credit Scores and a host of value added and statistical tools that help them constantly monitor their portfolio from acquisition to collections stage. This allows members to increase their ability to identify lending opportunities, mitigate risk and ensure business success and growth.

  • More accurate, real time and improved credit reporting data.
  • Mitigates risk for the lender and reduces the number of non-performing assets.
  • Shares reporting data, ensuring that the same asset is not used to underwrite multiple loan agreements.
  • Increase competitive advantages and build customer loyalty.
  • Provides more reliable data for faster approval processes.
  • Provide analytical abilities for better understanding on own institutions and the industry.