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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Saudi Credit Bureau Website. SIMAH website is managed under the following terms:

  • SIMAH may store some or all the following data: the IP address through which SIMAH website was accessed, in addition to the date, time and the location
  • Stored information is used to calculate the number of visitors to various sections of the site, and determine the performance of the system or any malfunction that may occur on the site.
  • Stored information also be used to help SIMAH develop the site and to analyze usage patterns, making the site more useful and easier to access or use.
  • SIMAH website may contain links of other sites. These links are provided to provide you with additional information.
  • SIMAH Portal may employ some commercial software to monitor the traffic (visitors) on the website; or identify any illegal attempts to upload, change information and cause any damage.
  • Any personal information that SIMAH may request or collect from users, will not be used for any purpose other than serving the users and responding to their requests.