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Launched in 2004, SIMATI is the 1st core system in Saudi Arabia which provides detailed credit reports of individuals indicating their financial stability, including positive and negative credit information enabling members to make informed credit decisions. SIMATI is also the sole input in generating the SIMAH credit score which is used as a first glance reference point to assess the credit worthiness of an individual.

SIMATI was registered as a Trademark for SIMAH in 19th December 2018. It stands for “My Characteristic” in Arabic referring to an individual trait, identity and behavior which are completely different and unique from any other individual. SIMATI’s “characteristics” are embodied and represented by a logo of a “thumb imprint” which is a unique biometrics solution of an individual’s authentication.


  • Total number of SIMATI reports: 116,446,125
  • Total number of consumers: 17,477,767
  • Total number of registered consumers: 1,595,791
  • Total credit instruments (CIs) in SIMATI: 69,831,346


Mitigating risk: High and low risk loans can be identified by the members based on SIMATI reports by identifying the history of individual’s payments, credit card balances, defaults, latest applications for credit etc. SIMATI reports make use of detailed, accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date credit information on consumers for members to take best credit decisions & mitigate risks.

Cross selling & up selling: SIMATI reports provide profound insights into the customer’s credit history and the risk associated with extending credit. Apart from this, SIMATI reports accurately create prospective opportunities based on the numerous data sources and SIMAH score to evaluate possibilities to upsell and cross sell products and services ensuring both portfolio diversification optimization profitability.

Reducing information asymmetries: Asymmetric information between lenders and borrowers is one of the most common challenges in the credit market worldwide; leading to adversities in lending credit and causing a higher risk of default or making lenders hesitant to offer customized credit products and services. With multiple lenders having different patterns of information for same consumers, it becomes difficult to measure the financial status and creditworthiness of historical and/or potential borrowers. SIMATI reports provide standardized, deep, accurate and up to date credit information about individuals to all members so as to be able to take sound strategic decisions.

Other Advantages

  • Accessing credit behaviors
  • Accurate up-to-date information
  • Accessing decisions of enforcement courts
  • Speed up the financial transactions


SIMATI reports enhances NWC's ability to compile accurate customer credit reports which improve the accuracy of financial decision-making.

Eng. Mohammed A. Al-Mowkley
National Water Company (NWC)