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SIMAH Benchmark report enables members to gather intelligence and information on their business performance parameters against the industry and help them stay ahead of competition. The report collects, analyzes and provides a roadmap for future business strategies by understanding and leveraging critical industry data.

After investing and building a huge data platform, SIMAH in November 2014 launched its Benchmark Report as an industrial Value Added Service. SIMAH Benchmark delivers an inclusive and detailed assessment of the significant financial parameters of an industry sector, based on analysis of SIMAH’s proprietary information such as finance, payment behaviors and credit worthiness amongst others. With this relevant business intelligence, a member can easily target customers, optimize internal operational benchmarks and also improve overall business profitability.


  • Banking Benchmarks: 370
  • Vehicle Benchmarks: 37
  • Mortgage Benchmarks: 17
  • House Price Index: 108


Understand industry profile: SIMAH benchmark report provides invaluable perspective & context for members to gain insights into industry financial patterns and other credit parameters. It also helps evaluate the overall risk level by understanding the industry trend and performance.

Frame of reference: Benchmark reports measures the member’s financial & credit performance against the relevant industry norm providing a frame of reference to determine what, where and how much improvements is needed, the potential that exists and how the member can achieve its highest performance levels.

Identify performance levers: helps assess the strength of member’s current market position, identify the performance levers of the industry providing an immediate perspective, whether it is positive, negative or moderate.

Other Advantages

  • Strategic Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Policy Development
  • Investment Decisions
  • Improve Business Relationship
  • Improved collections
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Reduced cost & higher efficiency

SIMAH Benchmark industry reports

House Price Index (HPI): SIMAH’s HPI for KSA provides a national 360 degree analysis of the real estate market that helps in evaluating the real estate loan amount, growth & prices across property types and regions. SIMAH HPI is used as a benchmark reference point by planners, real Estate developers, building material industries, financial institutions and individual property buyers. It is also used by economists and financial analysts to gauge mid to long term property trends in the Saudi Market.

Mortgage Credit Index (MCI): The MCI uses data taken exclusively from SIMATI (consumer credit database) and on a quarterly basis which measures the relative prosperity and strength of the Saudi consumer mortgage market. The report is made up of all consumer credit products in the mortgage and consumer home loan sectors, issued by banks, mortgage providers and other specialized consumer lenders. MCI measures the new mortgage demand, existing mortgage performance, non-performing loans and defaults amongst other parameters.

Vehicle Finance Benchmark Report: Vehicle Finance Benchmark Report provides a comprehensive review on state of the vehicle finance market in Saudi Arabia including vehicle finance market evolution, overview, genesis, market size, & market segmentation. The report also covers the auto credit disbursed, auto loans outstanding, default and the number of vehicles financed. Members can take advantage of the report to predict future industry analysis (by credit disbursed and by auto loan outstanding), future market segmentation, SWOT analysis, growth opportunities, new business models etc.

Banking Benchmark Report: Banking Benchmark reports provide a detailed benchmark for banks including lending, microfinance , mortgages, leasing, insurance, housing finance and trade finance. The benchmark report helps banks develop their banking strategies, upselling and cross selling credit, managing credit risk and formulate proactive multi-channel credit strategies. The report also details the banks credit exposure against the industry.


The credit reports provided by SIMAH help lenders pierce the fog of uncertainty sur¬rounding each new loan applicant. More information about a borrower’s past credit history and the handling of existing accounts improves the lender’s risk assess¬ment process. The result is a better match of borrowers to loans.

HE. Dr. Alaa Nassif
Royal Commission in Yanbu