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SIMAH Scoring is a set of decision models that help lenders in granting consumer credit. These techniques decide who will get credit, how much credit they should get, and what strategies will enhance the profitability and the risk in credit lending.

Launched in August 2013, SIMAH Scoring predicts the likelihood or probability of a “bad credit” as defined by the member, by automatically identifying “very good” and “very bad” applicants and reducing the time spent on reviewing them.

SIMAH credit scoring is a dynamic model which is based on information of individuals’ past and present credit history and “learns” by utilizing the customer’s historical credit data.

The SIMAH Score is calculated without bias and is a fair and consistent benchmark to measure the credit worthiness and lending risk to an individual.

Financial institutions in the Saudi market used to have V1.0 and V2.0. SIMAH introduced its score V3.0 to the local market then V4.0 to both local and GCC markets. SIMAH Scoring offers a new scoring mechanism which incorporates important credit factors that present unique and enhanced value to GCC lenders and creditors

Today, the SIMAH Scoring is being used by banks, finance companies, telecoms, insurance, real estate and government sector companies to help them stay on top of consumer credit health and mitigate risk.


  • Total number of scores: 87,181,636
  • Score version: V.4
  • Coverage: 88%


Quick credit sanctioning: SIMAH Scoring gives the first impression or bird’s eye view to the member about the individual’s creditworthiness. The first step in any credit approval process is checking the credit score of the applicant, a satisfactory score would be a “go ahead” signal and a negative score would mean reconsideration of the credit application. Scoring enables the credit granting process to become faster and streamlined with the evaluation and eventual processing taking a few minutes rather than taking weeks or even months in certain instances.

Higher profitability: Scoring helps members make profitable yet consumer centric decisions by identifying the most profitable customers and clients, developing retention and growth strategies and improve credit portfolio management. Scoring can help create tearing models of customers based on their credit scores and help create effective pricing and promotional programs proactively targeting customers for higher profitability.

Debt management: As lending becomes future oriented and forward looking, SIMAH Scoring helps members to be at the forefront of innovation by optimizing collection efforts, minimize defaults, maximize recoveries and reduce overall overhead costs.

Other Advantages

  • Risk mitigation
  • Better policy execution
  • More predictive power
  • Competitive advantage
  • Higher consumer satisfaction
  • Upselling & cross-selling