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Simah 360


SIMAH 360 is the advantage members may have from combining their internal customer data with the large database of SIMAH collected from banks, financial institutions, insurance firms, telecom entities, government authorities and other industries to support functions across the credit management spectrum.

Launched in November 2014, SIMAH 360 includes large data sets being examined in order to uncover insights, create extraordinary business opportunities, strengthen decision making process and provide members with information for competitive advantage. SIMAH 360 ensures more efficient operations, higher profits, higher upselling & cross selling prospects and debt management strategies.


  • SIMAH 360 transactions in 2022: 6,897,362
  • SIMAH 360 transactions: 46,353,158


Big data for cross selling: SIMAH 360 is a segmentation approach allowing members across the industry to create tailored offerings like credit products, services, offers & create upselling and cross selling strategies. SIMAH 360 helps members leverage big data to target the right customer with the right product at the right time with the right price based on the customers risk profile, debt capacity and requirement.

Big data for account management: SIMAH 360 account management helps members gain comprehensive and holistic view of customer portfolios across industry and help extract maximum value, mitigate risk and improve over-all profitability.

SIMAH 360 account management utilizes big data to answer:

  • What is the risk of a given portfolio?
  • How do different macroeconomic scenarios affect the portfolio's risk profile?
  • What is the effect of changing the portfolio mix?

Big data for collections & recovery: SIMAH 360 offers collection and recovery solutions helping businesses to effectively and efficiently locate, make contact, monitor and collect from debtors – using trusted data, advanced modelling and powerful analytics solutions SIMAH helps its members maximize collections without necessarily increasing resource allocation and expenditure.

200 data variables: SIMAH 360 includes up to 200 data variables including summarized enquiry data, up-to-date credit performance information, credit bureau score, default and bounced cheque data. The information attributes covered includes demographic information, contact information, performance and credit information.

Other Advantages

  • Simplify the credit management process
  • Analyze future risk & opportunities
  • Better customer experience & engagement
  • Improve monitoring & efficiency


Our strategic partnership with SIMAH goes in tandem with Saudi Vision 2030 through its inspirational role in creating job opportunities, supporting innovation and reinforcing exports given that SMEs are among the main contributors in economic development around the world.

Mr. Hamam Hashim
General Director