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SIMAH Alerts


In November 2014, SIMAH Alerts was launched to enables its members to keep a close eye on changes to the credit status of their customers. This is a highly configurable subscription service that quickly warns of any potentially negative activity on the customer portfolio. E.g. worsening delinquency or a new default status. Alerts also highlights any changes in the credit behavior arising out of new funding request; new loans; outstanding loans; default or late payments and raising or lowering of credit limit, allowing SIMAH members to make best business decisions.


  • Total number of alerts: 67,749,048
  • Total number of beneficiaries: 2,277,707


Risk mitigation SIMAH Alerts provide members with up-to-date credit status of their consumers, resulting in the prompt discover of risk. Vast majority of data is updated on daily base and members are reminded via customized notifications as soon as specified risks are discovered, enabling members to become well acquainted with their clients and be notified of any risks associated with working with them.

Alerts for different lifecycles: Members can chose the alerts from a distinct area of the credit lifecycle to suit their need.

Credit exposure: SIMAH Alerts is an early warning credit risk product which informs members on the changing customer’s credit status of customers as being “underleveraged” or “overleveraged” enabling them to take faster and profitable credit decisions ensuring SIMAH members are always “one step ahead”.

Other Advantages

  • Competitive advantage
  • Enchasing new opportunities
  • Preemptive defense against threat
  • Protection against bad Debt
  • Relevant & timely customer communication
  • Enabling early warning actions
  • Improved collections
  • Daily monitoring
  • Reduced cost & higher efficiency


SIMAH has taken great strides in credit reporting industry and it will be an important contributor to the national economy. We are looking to take full advantage of the services provided by the company SIMAH in the field of credit information to make sound decisions.

Mr. Fawaz Danish