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Launched in 2009, SIMAT provides members with comprehensive and multi-dimensional credit files on current and potential commercial borrowers enabling informed lending decisions.

SIMAT is SIMAH’s commercial system for corporates accountable for providing precise, advanced, analytical solutions to all corporates based on 3 pillars ; accountability, transparency and security.

SIMAT reports helps all SIMAH’s members assessing the credit worthiness of current or prospective borrowers , including existing credit information, total credit limits, total liabilities and current balances in default amongst other information. Such information, apart from improving the credit granting decisions, also enhances strategic financial decisioning processes like strengthening members understanding and expanding their credit bases, exposure and mitigating risks.


  • Total number of SIMAT reports: 707,512
  • Total number of CRs: 1,161,705
  • Total number of Cis: 2,047,732


Mitigating risk: SIMAT credit reports provide important decision support information to help members make analyses about the existing and potential borrowers for today and tomorrow. Reports of SIMAT not only capture valuable credit elements, but they also provide an ‘at-a-glance’ summary of a corporate’s payment capacity.

Building B2B engagement: Access to credit is a common requirement for both new and existing business, and establishing a strong business credit profile can help make or break future business plans. SIMAT reports provide accurate and updated 360 degree view of the financial status of the business that helps the credit provider build a long -term business relationship.

Shortening decisioning cycle length: SIMAT reports help members with faster loan closure and disbursement. Lending decisions usually take time and face bottlenecks on account of clarity of the credit worthiness of the borrower and here where SIMAT comes. SIMAT reports are structured, detailed & tailored for every business sector enabling shorter decisioning cycles.

Other Advantages

  • Simple, fast, & economical
  • Insight into current & future financial picture of the borrower
  • More opportunities for strategic advantage
  • Avoid unpredictable credit surprises

SIMAT Reports

Recognizing that any credit decision is only as good as the information on which it is based, SIMAH provides a variety of SIMAT reports to suit the business need of its members.

  • Bronze report: A basic simple commercial credit report for the corporate’s public information.
  • Silver report: An advanced commercial credit report designed for the credit departments which are willing to check the full corporate’s information.
  • Gold report: A full comprehensive commercial credit report, which includes the sliver report and corporate audited financial statements.
  • Summary commercial report: A brief commercial credit report customized from the silver report to have specific insights.
  • Key stakeholders reports (Individual / Commercial): The key stakeholder report for Individual displays information related to the key stakeholders while the commercial key stakeholder report for commercial displays information related to the Key stakeholders commercial.


Cooperation with SIMAH and making the best use of SIMAT reports enhance the reliability of transactions and analyzes the credit behaviors of the Saudi Cargo customers.

Mr. Omar Harir
Saudi Cargo